7 Factors to Finding Your Perfect Jeweller

The most important thing in finding your perfect jeweller is trust. Read on to find out how you can find trust in someone you just met.

Where to Start?

When looking for jewellery to buy or to have something custom made, it's not just about having a beautiful finished piece, it's about trusting someone you've never met with a task to make something so personal. You want them to 'get you' and your style. So where can you find a jeweller that can be trusted to do all of this?

#1: The Google!

Well if you're like the majority of people on this planet you'll start with a Google search. Google is a great place to search for your prospective jeweller. Try a general search in your area and see what comes up. "Custom Jewellery Halifax' or 'Handmade Jewellery Dartmouth' will give different results but the major players will show up closest and first on the list. Please don't just stop there though, there are many jewellers, like myself, who work on a much smaller scale (fewer clients) and they do an amazing job, often better than the big guys. Why do I say this? Because the little jeweller can and will pay more attention to you and your piece because they have fewer clients. So you get all of their undivided attention. You're not just another number. They want to hear your story, be moved by it, and design based on what you have told them. So look past the first page of Google and find a jewellery who will give you the attention you deserve!

#2: Reviews! Read and Ask!

Customer reviews are one of the most important factors when choosing a jeweller. They are personal experiences from previous clients. While no one can make every client 100% happy 100% of the time, reviews will give you an idea as to how that particular jeweller operates.

Along with customer reviews is word of mouth, that's a sort of review. Listen to your friends and family and take into consideration their experiences as well. It's invaluable as they are experiences from people you already know and trust!


"So look past the first page of Google and find a jewellery who will give you the attention you deserve!"


#3: Responses

Another thing to watch for is response time. Once you have contacted a jeweller, how fast do they respond to your questions and with how much detail. Their job is to make your perfect ring or perfect jewellery piece, so how attentive are they to your needs. If you don't hear from them withing 48 hrs, chances are you are low on their priority list so you might want to look somewhere else. Of course people get busy, so they may contact you telling you that they will get back to you within a certain amount of time and that's fine, but if you hear nothing, then move on!

#4: Listening Skills

The next one is an easy one. Simply put, do they listen. When you contact them,m do they answer all of your questions to your satisfaction? If they don't know the answer, do they tell you that they don't know and they will find out for you, or do they bullshit their way into not answering the question. Most importantly, do they answer your questions then propose alternative ideas? You need a jeweller who goes above and beyond and keeps you informed so that you can make all of the right decisions.

#5: Do they have what you need?

Can they even make the piece of jewellery the way you want it? I know it's not a sandwich here, but it is custom jewellery. Custom means that we can make pretty much anything. Sometimes, clients may not have the best design ideas, but that is where a professional jeweller shines. A great jeweller will GUIDE you to a beautiful design all while being strong and durable.


"'s a certification you can trust"


#6: Knowledgeable

Do they have the technique and know-how to make your piece of jewellery? If you're looking for someone to hand-make a couple of wedding bands from old gold or are you liking for a complicated set diamond piece? The first can be done by almost all jewellers, but not everyone can do the second. So look at their displayed or past work. Their websites should show the level of workmanship that particular jeweller can accomplish.

#7: Certification

Last we have certification. Your prospective jeweller may or may not have a goldsmiths degree. They may have been taught by another jeweller or goldsmith, or they may be self taught. Either way you should inquire to be better informed. Do they have any other sort of certification? I joined the Better Business Bureau so that clients would know they can trust me. My clients leave feedback on Google not the BBB, but if my business was not compliant with the BBB rules, our membership would be revoked. So it's a certification you can trust. All in all, you need to be comfortable with your jeweller. Making a custom piece of jewellery can be a very personal experience and in the end you'll have something you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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